A Home For Christian Writers Great Contests

For anyone looking for an excellent Christian writers website, there’s some really exciting stuff going on over at Faithwriters.com. I have been a member since February of 2012 now, and my writing career has really taken off. For a novice like me, having two short stories published as well as winning a spot in a Christian testimony publishing contest has been one of my life’s greatest thrills.

Faithwriters.com has even more exciting contests happening right now. There is a chance to win a Xulon publishing package and other prizes. I can’t wait enter the Christian fiction publishing contest myself.

Aside from all these fantastic new contests going on, Faithwriters.com offers a weekly Challenge Contest to all members to hone your writing skills and get professional feedback, and a new blogging contest each month. As a former winner of one of the monthly blogging contests I can tell you it feels really good to win one of those cash prizes.

Membership to this fine site is free for silver membership, but let me assure you, you will want  to upgrade to  a Gold or Platinum membership for a very small monthly fee. Believe me, it is worth its weight in gold for the Christian writer looking for a home. There are many benefits for the upgraded member you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

When I started out on Faithwriters, the only skill for being a writer was the strong desire to be a writer. The wonderful members here showed me the right way to put my writing out there! Essentially, they taught me how to write! I knew I had the words in me, I just didn’t know how to write them with the proper punctuation and in a way that others would want to read them.

You will also make friends from all over the world at Faithwriters.com. People who love Jesus as much as you do and help you grow both in your writing and your faith.

So, come on and stop by Faithwriters.com and see all the awesome things this Christian writers website has to offer. Try the free membership and I guarantee you will want to upgrade in no time. I’ll look forward to seeing you there.




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